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Ace Beauté - 5 colors that make brown eyes pop

A Tribute to Our Brown-Eyed Beauties

Brown is the most common eye color in the world. However, they don't seem to have the same "pop" as lighter eye colors! Luckily for us, brown eyes are very easy to mix and match different shades because of their neutral tone. I've compiled a list of five colors that will quickly brighten the eyes of our brown-eyed beauties. (Amber, Blue, Gray, Green, and Hazel)

1. Golden as Amber

5 Colors Great for Brown Eyes

Amber is one of the striking colors for brown eyes due to its color mixture of yellow, orange, brown, and red. This shade is a winner in our book because it gives the perfect sunset glow look due to its golden tone. Golden hour, who?! Additionally, an Amber shade is flexible for daytime and nighttime eye looks as it emphasizes elegance and sophistication.

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2. Shades of Blue

5 Colors Great for Brown Eyes

A blue eyeshadow might be intimidating to wear but we promise this color definitely emphasizes your brown eyes! Looking at the color wheel, you would notice that brown and blue are across from each other, making them complementary colors. This means that the cooling effect of the blue takes the contrast to the next level as the reddish tones of brown eyes become more evident. If you’re opting for an eye-catching shade, then a deep blue or royal blue is for you!

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3. Slay in Gray

5 Colors Great for Brown Eyes

The coolness of gray eyeshadow accentuates brown eyes which makes them the perfect match. We dare you to name a better duo! The gray intensifies the eye color and makes your eye look strong and bold. Gray and silver shades blend well with neutral eyeshadows. To make your eye stand out more, use metallic (shimmer) eyeshadows and make the corner of your eyes darker, giving off a smokey effect by doing so, all the attention goes to your eyes.

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4. Dazzling Green

5 Colors Great for Brown Eyes

Green eyeshadows bring out the warmth and add a nice contrast to brown eyes. Green is a rich and strong color. When paired with a neutral color such as brown, this shade gives off an alluring vibrant effect to the eye. This color is also enchanting yet mysterious but is suited for either your next day or night look.

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5. Sparkle in Hazel

5 Colors Great for Brown Eyes

Hazel is a combination of green, gold and brown colors. This is an interesting shade since it is subtle, yet makes brown eyes pop more by amplifying the flecks of the eyes. The softness of hazel is fit for natural makeup as it enhances the brown in the eyes. It is ideal for daytime wear and everyday look.

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