Ace Beauté Oceanic Palette Looks

Soak Up Summer with the Oceanic Palette

It’s true, we all love the no-makeup makeup look. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s a timeless classic… but it’s a little boring. This summer has been all about creativity and showing up as your authentic self no matter where you are, so it’s time to shine with bold, beautiful looks that shout “This is me!”

Grab a notepad, your palette, and some brushes. It’s time to gather some summer makeup inspo from our Oceanic Palette!

Ace Beauté Oceanic Palette Looks

1.) Talk about a show stopper! This look is giving “seafaring princess” and we are HERE for it. To recreate this ocean-inspired look, you’ll need to begin with a smooth, cornflower blue base. Sweep the shade “Bali” against your lids and blend up towards the brow. To add some depth, (see what I did there?) use a small brush to apply “Bay”, a metallic medium blue, to the upper and lower lash line and top it all off with the shimmering “Bora Bora” shade across the center of the upper lid.


Ace Beauté Oceanic Palette Looks

2.) We’re bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Ocean Eyes” with this combo. This is the sultry, dramatic sister of the last look. To achieve sapphire perfection, complete the first steps from the previous look, this time extending the “Bay” shade towards the brow for a smokey effect. Introduce “Bay” to the inner corner as well for some added drama. Use the deep navy blue shade “Lagoon” on the upper and lower lash lines to create a rich, blue eyeliner.


Ace Beauté Oceanic Palette Looks

3.) We’re going green this round by embracing the flora of the sea. Pack the bright green shade “Algae” on your lids and blend up towards the brow. Starting at the outer corner of the eye, blend the shade “Turtle” up towards the brow for a smokey effect, then apply to the lower lash line. Add some nautical shine by swiping the shimmer shade “Jellyfish” from the inner corner to the center of the lid. *Chef’s Kiss*

After creating any of these looks, you can apply your favorite mascara or take the next step by pairing your eyeshadow with the Hestia Magnetic Lashes. These lashes are especially wispy and light to compliment the beauty of any marine eyeshadow combination.

No look is complete without a perfectly pouty lip. Finalize your oceanic glam with a peachy neutral shade – the Perfect Pout Lipstick in Sincere.

We’d love to see your creativity shine! Tag us in your Oceanic Palette looks on Instagram and TikTok for the chance to be reposted!


Ace Beauté Oceanic PaletteAce Beauté Hestia Magnetic LashesAce Beauté Pout Perfect Lipstick Sincere


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