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Ace Beauté Byrdie Feature

We Got Featured on Byrdie!

We have news that we want to share! 🥳 Byrdie has published a story about us! With a total of six Ace Beauté products to review, Sheryl Donnerson, a beauty writer for Byrdie, explained why these items stood out to her. Fun fact: one of her goals for this year is to switch to Black-owned cosmetics. She started using makeup brands like Fenty Beauty, Ami Colé, and Ace Beauté. 🤎 Keep scrolling to find out which of our items were featured!

01 of 06 - Flair Palette

Flair Eyeshadow Palette

The article begins with the Flair Palette. Sheryl says, “Honestly, the photos don't do this palette justice. When I first opened it, I audibly gasped. Each shade is richly pigmented and true to the color in the pan.” When we read her statement, we couldn't help but shed happy tears! 🥲 The Flair Palette is perfect for a romantic date look and has playful tones from blue, green and red. This eyeshadow palette is an absolutely must try!

02 of 06 - Blushed in Paradise

02 of 06 - Blushed in Paradise

Next she talks about the Blushed in Paradise. “I love blush. I have at least 20 different options that range from drugstore to high-end, in all varieties from powder to cream. This palette is the one I’ve been reaching for the most in recent weeks.” We literally cannot stop blushing over her using our blush palette nonstop! 😊 Blushed in Paradise will give you that cheeky flush of color enough to last the entire day.

03 of 06 - Vintage Dawn Palette

Vintage Dawn Eyeshadow Palette

Our ultimate Vintage Dawn Palette also made it into the list. Yay! Sheryl states, “Like the name implies, the color story of this palette is inspired by a gorgeous, early morning sunrise. The shades Golden Hour, Day Break, Pyramid and Gleam have permanent spots in my daily makeup routine.” Whether you are going for a sunrise, sunset, golden hour, or nightfall eyeshadow look 🌅, this eyeshadow palette has you covered.

04 of 06 - Bronzed in Paradise

Bronzed in Paradise

The fourth spot goes to the Bronzed in Paradise Palette! She wrote, “Until maybe a year ago, I didn’t wear bronzer regularly. I thought it was just something you can use to contour, which is something I’m not good at. I’ve now been converted and this palette really gives me everything I need in a bronzer.” Welcome to the club! 👋 Bronzers are such much fun, and this palette will ensure that your radiant and glowy appearance lasts all night!

05 of 06 - Tiff Magnetic Lashes

Tiff Magnetic Lashes

When it came to lashes, she had never tried anything like our Tiff Magnetic Lashes. “Before I tried the Ace Beauté magnetic lashes, I had never successfully put on a false lash before. I’m a Sagittarius and very impatient so I never took the time to learn, but these lashes are next-level easy to put on,” she wrote. Swearing by our magnetic lashes, this is the real deal! To our beloved beauties who are reading this, you should check out our magnetic lashes. They are beginner-friendly and reusable. 💁‍♀️ Our Tiff magnetic lashes is suited for a natural and everyday look. If you're looking for something a little more drama our next product is for you.

06 of 06 - Paris Magnetic Lashes

Paris Magnetic Lashes

Last but not the least: Paris Magnetic Lashes. “If you’re going for a bold, glam, night-out-with-friends type look, you’ll want to pick up the Paris lashes. These lashes made me feel like “that girl in the best way possible. 😎 Again, they’re very easy to apply and super lightweight, they felt like I didn’t have anything on.” With Paris Magnetic Lashes, the name says it all! Wearing this will make you feel loved as this magnetic lashes will bring you that irresistible edge!

We are grateful for times like this where publications show us their love and support. 🧡 To all our beloved beauties out there, your response are what motivates and drives us to come up with more products that you deserve.