Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes
Ace Beauté Paris Magnetic Lashes

Paris Magnetic Lashes

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  • Non Toxic Ingredients
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Paris lashes are so fierce and fabulous they make every day your runway! These 9-17mm flirty lashes will add some serious Gorg to your look. With the fashion week-worthy volume and length she's packing, Paris brings on the intensity and is the only accessory you need.

  • Style: Full Glam
  • Length: 9-17mm
  • Ideal for Almond and Upturned Eye Shapes!
  • 12 Micro-sized Magnets For Long Lasting Hold
  • High-Quality Faux-Mink Fiber
  • Magnetic Liner Is Included!

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12 micro-sized magnets
Each band features 12 lightweight micro-sized magnets for all day hold.
Magnetic Liner included!
Let's not forget that each lash set comes with its own magnetic liner!
30+ Wears
Rewear these lashes until you get bored of them or they give out on you.
High Quality Synthetic Vegan Fibers
Your eyes will feel like royalty with the highest-grade synthetic vegan fibers.
Using the Magnetic Liner included, apply 2 coats of liner as close to your natural lash line as possible. Let it dry for about 40-60 seconds and then apply your magnetic lashes.
Remove your lashes from inner to outer corner or vice versa and then put them back into their case to protect them. Then soak a cotton swab in coconut oil or olive oil or a cleansing oil or balm and run the swab along your lash line to help dissolve the liner.
  • If you need to adjust the placement of the magnetic lashes on your eyes, gently pull off the lashes, reapply liner and wait for it to dry for about 40-60 seconds and then apply the magnetic lashes.

3 super easy steps that are perfect for beginners

Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes
1. line

Apply magnetic liner & let fully dry

Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes

2. snap

Effortlessly snap your magnetic lashes into place

Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes

3. Done!

That's it! Instant & ready to go!

changing the lash game
Liner dries quickly = no need to wait like traditional lash glue
apply in 60 secs

Liner dries quickly = no need to wait like traditional lash glue

Magnetic lashes are very easy to put on + reposition


Very easy to put on + reposition

Magnetic lashes are easy to remove. Simply remove and plop onto their lash tray

easy to take off

Simply remove and plop onto their lash tray

perfect for lash beginners + enthusiasts
how magnetic lashes work: Ace Beaute Magnetic Lashes work buy having 12 small magnets guaranteeing all day hold
12 magnet lash

The world's first lash band with 12 small lightweight magnets for all-day comfort and hold.

can magnetic lashes be reused: with proper care Ace Beaute Magnetic Lashes can be worn multiple times and last you over 30 uses


No more sticky glue! Using our liner, magnetic lashes are easier to maintain and reuse.

are magnetic lashes waterproof: The Ace Beaute Magneitc Lashe and Liner are completely waterproof, windproof, and smear resistant. To remove, use a cotton pad soaked in oil.


Our waterproof formula stays intact all day long, to remove simply use an oil based remover.

magnetic lashes last how long: Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes will stay flawlessly and comfortably in place all day. There are no anchors required.

All Day Hold

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology they can handle anything from high winds to watery eyes.

magnetic lashes high quality: Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes are completely handcrafted from the highest quality synthetic vegan and cruelty-free material to give your eyes a natural look.

highest quality

Handmade from high-quality vegan fibers to give your eyes a natural appearance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Estrellita L
These lashes are a must have!!!!

I never knew applying lashes could get easier than they already were. It took me less than 30 seconds to apply these lashes and I’m beyonddddd shook

Diana Martínez
París Magnetic Lashes

I loved the style, they are very easy to install, they save you a lot of time and glue

Kenya Nycole
These Lashes are Bomb!

They were so easy to apply!

Jannete Jimenez

Me encanto lo fácil q son al ponerlas, la presentación del pegamento. I’m just in love

Diana Manriquez
Paris magnetic lashes

I bought these for my coworker…she loves the dramatic look and is infatuated with these lashes!!!

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