What a Launch Means to Our Marketing Coordinator

Ace Beauté - What a Launch Means to Our Marketing Coordinator

Ace Beauté is made possible by our dedicated team, who devote their time and ingenuity to developing high-quality items for the brand and our beauties. We want to share our Marketing Coordinator, Linette, perspective on launching a new product.

We asked Linette: What does a launch mean to you?

Linette: To me, I divide a product launch into two categories. The first is by creating content. Whenever there is a launch, I plan and organize content with product images that visually explain the result or objective of the campaign. I like to go in-depth with the marketing materials by nailing down the Story and Vision. Real-life events, observations, and locations inspire our products, plus they all adhere to our core values.

Content creation takes a lot of processes, from assessing which assets are relevant for the launch to writing copy for images and video edits. I check that all of the assets—including the products, images, captions, and other items—are in line with all other marketing materials. I schedule the content calendar to keep each platform distinct from the others. Reviewing and double-checking all of these materials is a critical step before moving forward with the actual launch, not just for us but for any other brands.

Finally, a launch would be incomplete without influencers and content creators. It is crucial to us that each content creator is aware of our brand mission so that they can correctly relay this information to their audience. To bring awareness to our products, we collaborate with influencers and content creators who share similar brand values. After identifying these influencers and content creators, we set deadlines for desired content and assist them with any questions they may have regarding our products. To conclude, my main priorities are content and influencer relations.

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Ace Beauté - What a Launch Means to Our Marketing Coordinator - Beauté for All

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