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Ace Beauté - About the Tropical Vibes Restock

About the Tropical Vibes Restock

Ace Beauté Tropical Vibes Collection

Our Tropical Vibes Palette was released in October 2021. Many successes, as well as a few lessons, came from this palette. We discovered that careful planning is advantageous and that being prepared is essential. Putting safeguards in place allowed us to be more ready for foreseeable potential issues. We identified potential problems that might occur during the product launch and prepared a strategy to address them.

To be fully honest Beauties, a supplier issue caused the delay in the Tropical Vibes restock. Due to COVID, our supplier missed their due date, causing a two-month delay. As a result, what was supposed to to be restocked in December 2021—was pushed back to February 2022. Knowing this had put a lot of weight on our shoulders. We had no intention of delaying our replenishment, nor did we anticipate selling out in October.

Our Beauties were understanding and patient with us during the entire process. Once we restocked, we were also able to surprise you with glimmer shadows to express our appreciation for your patience. Even though it seemed like February 2022 would never arrive when we did launch, our Beauties showed up, and the restock turned out to be a huge success.

Now that we know our Beauties will show up when we need them. We can plan to bring in more units in the future and have strategies in place for the unexpected.

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