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The Truth Behind the Flair Palette

The Truth Behind the Flair Palette

The Paradise Collection had just been released and everyone was enamored with the vibrancy, the story, the quality. We had succeeded in what we’d hoped for most: Sharing Niye’s memories in a way that everyone could experience them. But for every successful launch, there lies a new challenge ahead. There were so many questions after launch: How can we improve? How can we embody storytelling? What more can we offer?


The Birth of Flair Palette

Creating an entirely new eyeshadow palette after a successful product launch turned up the pressure, but also our determination to maintain momentum. No one ever talks about what really goes into creating a palette. There were a lot of factors that we had to consider: Avoiding creating a story too similar to those before, choosing colors that compliment one another and the season the palette would be released in, and sourcing untapped inspiration.

Around this time, Niye, the founder of Ace Beauté had just given birth to her second baby. Without realizing it, she had become her own inspiration for the next color story in the works. She was a CEO, a wife and now a  mother to two beautiful children. The Flair Palette wasn’t born of memories, but rather what it meant to Niye to fulfill each of these roles.

The Challenge

After weeks of brainstorming, research, formulation and reformulation, everything felt like it was running smoothly. Of course, when everything is perfect, there is bound to be a misstep.  Our prized pigment had hit a bump in the road. “Biscotti”, the shifty golden shimmer shade, couldn't be created due to issues in the supply chain. The palette was supposed to launch that September and a delay was the last thing we’d hoped for.

Ace Beauté Flair Palette

Truth is, without “Biscotti”, the palette didn’t truly represent Niye’s vision. We bit the bullet and waited a full two months later to launch. These kinds of challenges are always unforeseen and force the entire team to make decisions that can make or break an entire launch. In the end, we made the right decision. To this day, “Biscotti” is one of the most loved shades in the entire Ace Beauté family.

The Palette

The Flair palette contains 15 unique shades ranging from matte to metallic finishes. Warm tones such as “Saffron”, “Firefly” and “Pumpkin” are inspired by the hues of Autumn, but are versatile enough for everyday wear all season long. Mattes like “Atlantis”, “Forest Pine” and “Moss” are perfect for a sultry, bold look. Our iconic “Biscotti” is a shapeshifting duo-chrome shadow that reflects gold and violet hues in the light. We spent days ensuring the formula is beginner friendly while still providing intense, long-lasting pigment. Whether you’re opting for a sunset or nightfall look, Flair won’t disappoint you.


 Ace Beaute Flair Palette