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How to Get the Y2K Lips

How to Get the Y2K Lips

While matte lipsticks have long been our obsession, the Y2K lip is currently the buzz of the town. The term "the year 2000" (abbreviated "Y2K") refers to the period between the late 1990s and the early 2000s when we saw a rise in fashion and beauty trends. Even though some things should remain in the past; low-rise jeans and ultra-thin brows, we're talking to you. The iconic era did have some trends that weren't that bad and deserve to see the light of day again. Today we’re going to teach you how to achieve that Bratz-doll-inspired lip!



Y2k lips are known for their darker lip liner and ultra glossy lips. Start by getting a lip liner a shade or two darker than your natural lip color and outline your lips. We used the shade “In Love” for reference. Shop Ace Beauté Pout Perfect Lip Liner.



After you line your lips, grab your most ultra-shiny lip gloss that will leave your lips uber Poppin that Lil Mama will have to come out of retirement. We recommend using the “Spicy” lip gloss for a lighter look. We love its sheer soft shimmer. For a more natural look, we recommend using the “All That” lip gloss; either option will do. Shop Ace Beauté Pout Perfect Lip Gloss.



The key to a Y2K lip is a super-defined lip liner look. After applying your gloss, revamp your liner by adding a few touches to make the liner stand out. We recommend going darker on this step and using a shade like “Priority” to complete the look. Shop Ace Beauté Pout Perfect Lip Liner.



That’s it, three easy steps. Now that you’ve learned how to achieve Y2k lips, are you ready to hop in on the trend?

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