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Beauty Independent Ace Beauté

Ace Beauté Enters Ulta Beauty With New Magnetic Lashes

Growing up in Nigeria, Niye Aniekan-Attang learned about the power of makeup from her grandmother. “Every morning she would get up and put on her makeup, even though she never went anywhere most of the time,” she says. “She would whistle and sing while putting it on, and it just made her so happy.”

Although infatuated with her grandmother’s daily routine, Aniekan-Attang didn’t start buying cosmetics for herself until college when YouTube tutorials became big. After watching them, she’d make lists of products to pick up from her local drugstore, only to be disappointed by the selection. “The eyeshadows didn’t look good on me and the lipsticks, other than reds, wouldn’t work for my skin tone,” recounts Aniekan-Attang. “I was disappointed over and over again.” [1]

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