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Ace Beauté Quintessential Palette

The Truth Behind The Quintessential Palette

Did you know that our Quintessential Palette is the first-ever palette from Ace Beauté? Our first baby! It started with a thought, “Everyone’s going neutral, what about those who want a pop of color?” I mean who doesn’t love to spice up a look with a bright blue or hot pink? Not to mention, our number one core value here at Ace Beauté is, “Beauté for all,” so of course, we wanted to offer more than what the market catered at the time. When we realized that the industry lacked highly pigmented colorful eyeshadow palettes, Quintessential Palette was born.

Quintessential Palette - Mood Board

It wasn’t an easy task, in fact, it took a lot of brainstorming, trial and error, and self-doubt before it was ever launched. We took the necessary time needed to learn about eyeshadows, the difference in textures and colors, formulation, and really understanding what our community needed. Now we look back and remember that initial development and research, we reminisce on how far we have come. We want to provide what the market overlooked, we wanted everyone to be able to have more options and acknowledge the beauty of colors through our palette. Our goal was to make it the only palette that someone needed. We incorporated trending colors and trends from 2016, such as smokey eyes that included silvers and blacks, while also having shades for a natural everyday look and we added pops of colors that represented our brand. Everything was carefully thought of, from picking the right colors to making sure we were staying true to our core values. It was a long process yet it was embraced with dedication and hard work by our team.

Quintessential Palette - Color Story

While trends have swayed, our Quintessential Palette is still a staple that comes with 16 wearable shades. The palette offers the possibility of various looks from natural every day to flirty to full glam, this palette has it all. The colors are a mix of neutrals and vibrant shades from matte, glimmer, and satin finishes. This is the perfect palette for beginners as it works for all skin tones and it is also made to be an introduction for bright vivid colors for those wanting to get their feet (or brushes) wet. While we know that this palette might not be the trendiest nowadays, we know that not only is she a classic, but this palette has its own charms because she is the palette that started it all.

Quintessential Palette - Final Product

Ace Beauté Quintessential Palette