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Day to Halloween Night with Paradise Fallen

Halloween is just around the corner and it's going to be magical. Not in a Christmas sort of way, but because it’s the one night everyone can undergo a complete transformation into something new, something spooky.

Costumes are a given, but it’s your makeup that will really be the icing on the pumpkin cake. So, how can you transform a daytime look into an elegant, Halloween-worthy beat?

The Paradise Fallen eyeshadow palette is the answer to all your questions. Inspired by the dark majesty of the cosmos, this palette serves as an incredible base for soft and flirty or deep, mysterious looks.

Your Halloween Day Makeup

Ace Beauté Paradise Fallen Daytime Look

The 31st falls on a Monday this year, which means you’re likely going to work. Whether or not this is the case, you’re definitely going to want to tone-down your look until the real party begins (so you can show off those wicked makeup skills).

For your sultry daytime look, the shades “Orion”, “Vine”, and “Cypress” Tree are perfect neutrals for a little mystique. If you’d like to add dimension, using a pop of color like Dusk will elevate your eye look. Use the shade as an eyeliner to emphasize the beauty of your eye shape.

Your Halloween Night Look

Ace Beauté Paradise Fallen Halloween Makeup Inspo

Good news: Half of your look is already complete! From your existing day makeup, blend the violet shade of your choice from the lid towards the brow. “Eve” and “Night Sky” are great for smokey effects and “Blackout” is perfect for adding depth around the lash line. Don’t be afraid to blend your shades beyond the eyes. Taking your eyeshadow up the temples or down the cheek can make for an edgy, dramatic look sure to knock those witches’ socks off.

Halloween makeup isn’t about perfection, but affect. If your look comes out a little darker than planned, or you smudge here and there, use that to your advantage when pairing your look with your costume.


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