Ace Beauté Funnel Cake Press On Nails

Funnel Cake Luxe Manicure

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Give your nails that high-end look of salon-fresh nails without leaving your home with the Funnel Cake Luxe Manicure. These peachy-brown nude ombre nails in coffin shape are perfect for giving your nails an extra touch of sweet sophistication and fun.

P.S: Application is super easy, and we've got you covered! Each kit contains 24 nails, liquid glue, adhesive glue tabs, nail file & cuticle stick.

1). Remove any nail polish. Wash and dry hands.

2). Use the included cuticle stick to push back cuticles.

3). Gently buff natural nails with included nail buffer and clean with rubbing alcohol or wipes.

4). Select nail size that fits all 10 of your natural nails. When applying, start with the pinky and end with the thumb.

5). If using glue, apply a thin layer to your natural nails and back of Ace Beauté nails.

6). Align Ace Beauté nails with your cuticle and press on entire nail firmly. Hold for 10-20 seconds until dry.

7). If using nail adhesive tabs, place tab on your nail bed, apply Ace Beauté nails and hold down for 30 seconds.

8). File or clip Ace Beauté nails to change length and shape if desired.

For short term wear (1-2 days), use included nail adhesive tabs. For long term wear (1-2 weeks), use nail glue. For a stronger hold, longer lasting wear and to prevent nails from easily lifting, use both nail adhesive tabs and glue.

1). Soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes.

2). Lift Ace Beaute nails from the side by applying light pressure. Never force removal.

3). Use the included nail buffer to remove excess glue if needed.


Customer Reviews

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anike oladeji
Awesome Palette

The colors really pop and are so pigmented. 10/10 would buy

Kayla Martin

Theyre so fabulous, gorgeous, stay on well

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